Saturday, May 1, 2010


Obama came to speak today at UM's graduation. Due to heavy security, the grads had to be there by 6 am. Of course that's when the thunderstorms started. Julia is there to see a friend's brother graduate. Josh, Julia and I went down to campus for lunch. What a mistake with graduating seniors and there parents all over the place! But after today, all will be quiet again.
Josh has taken on helping Naomi figure out how to get help. Dealing with all these social agencies is distracting her from school work. She has a hard time prioritizing what needs to be done, when. Or she does prioritize but her list is much different than mine. But I will be glad when Monday has come and gone. Tuesday will be my onc check-up. I feel tempted to skip it as it is $150 out-of-pocket for a breast feel up. But since this is the peak time for recurrence, I suppose that wouldn't be wise. Wednesday Naomi goes again to the OB. She has these weird-to-me growths on her breasts that looked scary. I have since figured that they are "Montgomery tubercles" normal for pregnancy. I never had anything like that at all.

It was a nice night for the mom's group as we were able to sit outside comfortably. It's been too dry for bugs so that's a plus. I am the dessert lady. So the panna cotta unmolded just fine. I was worried that it would stick to the molds. It ended up to be quite tasty and easy to make. The hard part being transporting it.

As soon as the thunderstorms stopped, I was out in the humidity. Very sticky. Now to deal with Naomi again...

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