Friday, May 14, 2010

The Accident

Yesterday I received so many negative phone calls, I cringed every time I heard my phone ring. As I was bringing in groceries last night, the phone rang again. Ah Josh! Maybe some niceness for a change. But no..he called to inform me about Naomi's accident. The good news is that she and the baby were not injured but our car certainly is. She was at an intersection when 2 cars ahead of her suddenly stopped. She allegedly stopped in time but the car behind her plowed hard into her causing her to go into the car in front of her which hit the car in front of it. The car that hit her sped off. She exchanged insurance info with the other cars and then took off. We made her go back to the police. Although this isn't her fault, we are out a bunch of money. And today, she learned that since she didn't keep a certain amount of money in this bank account she started to be independent, they have deducted so much she had a negative balance. Of course she never looks at her statements. Again a bailout. And here I listen to what a bad mom I am for not kicking Naomi to the curb..I should make her suffer..I shouldn't do this or do that. I don't know why she is the way that she is. It's very easy to point fingers at me. A less than ideal child? Must be the mom's fault.
Were my parents better parents because somehow I ended up being able to support myself in a relatively high income job? Although my parents meant well or least my mom did, they were really awful parents by any other measure beside than the fact I am still breathing. I had to raise myself. I looked forward to the day I could leave the house. They were immature and had various mental diseases.

I tried hard to do better with my kids.
Naomi is not a bad kid but she has so much growing up to do. She is very ill-equipped to raise a child. She is very enthusiastic about her little girl but we will soon see if that is enough.

On the positive side, Steve went back with her to social services to get clarity on several issues and at least things are moving in the right direction. I will have my hands full when I return.

We went to Oliver's music class. All the kids there have some learning issues. All are boys except a little girl who was due around Daniel's birthday but came at 26 weeks. Very small but she doesn't seem to have any severe issues unlike the miracle baby that lives across the street from me born at the same gestational age. I guess there has been alot of advances in the last 12 years. There was a two year old there with beautiful long blonde curls named Akiva that I assumed was a beautiful little girl. I was puzzled about her muteness, rarer with girls. But it turns out that she is a he. The mom just won't part with the beautiful hair. Oliver's hair on the other hand was shaved as short as Daniel's a few nights ago. No confusing him for a girl but he looks even younger than he is. He was crabby throughout the class and refused to participate but Daniel happily took his place. He has no stranger anxiety and was amused with the antics of the mostly 2 year olds. He definitely was better behaved.

I got a lobster roll for lunch-another taste of Boson. And sfogliatelle has different filling than a 'lobster tail' . Go for the lobster tail if given a choice plus it's easier to say.

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