Thursday, May 20, 2010


Our newspaper has been replaced by a web-based news digest. It prints out a paper version two days a week. Yesterday they printed a story how my former employer is laying off even more employees (there aren't many left in Michigan). One could comment on any story. (You wouldn't believe the number of comments about the African-American-only club at one of the elementary schools) Anyrate several people felt compelled to write how they were glad that we were all fired. They were tired of hearing their 'friends' brag about their benefits which included: 4 day workweeks, free childcare, free gourmet meals, free drugs, 6 figure incomes, unlimited personal days, etc. Boy I wish I worked there too but most of those statements aren't true. They seem to be having a case of schadenfreude (my favorite German word: joy due to the misfortunes of others) but don't seem to realize that our whole community is suffering because of the exit too, just not us spoiled ex-employees. Of course they linked the high price of our drugs to our 'excessive' benefits.

I did my run early today to beat the heat. Tried to do some trimming but the nylon string snapped. Outside my house, it smells like lilacs and lily-of-the valleys. As a teenager, I used to buy "Muguet des Bois" (same thing in French). It smelled so good but only for a few minutes.


Sara Williams said...

I love the sound of the scents in your garden! I have planted some Night Scented Stock and I hope they develop soon because the perfume is devine in the evening.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

No scented night stock around here, I have looked. I have bought 'regular' stock that smells like cloves.


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