Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Castle Island and the zoo

One of the gorillas from the zoo. He charged the glass and pounded it as hard as he could scaring the kids.
The fort on Castle Island

Carson's Beach that I run by on my way to Castle Island. No one was in the water today
It was calm, dry and sunny this morning so off I went on my long run to the island, a mile of which is on this narrow causeway surrounded on all sides by water. Although not many were out so early, 3 different people told me 'what a good job I was doing'. Occasionally people in Ann Arbor comment on my running, rarely favorably. East coast people are much less reserved apparently. Their accents still crack me up. If they live here into Oliver's school years, he will be calling himself Oliv-vah.
Both babies were up much of the night. Shanna gets by on so little sleep.
Oliver felt much better in the morning so we took them to the local zoo nearby. They do have an
impressive gorilla display but the zoo is much smaller than Detroit's. Every animal has a name: we could hear Christopher the lion's roars throughout the park. Oliver prefers the gorillas and the goats.

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Sara Williams said...

It looks a really lovely place to be and especially to run. I dont see many people when I run and I like it that way xx


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