Thursday, May 13, 2010

The taste of Boston

Another difference between Massachusetts and Michigan is the availability of alcohol in Michigan. You can buy it anywhere but in MA, only at special stores. I couldn't find where to find wine in Shanna's old city, not even at the Trader Joe's. Going through the aisles the other day, I found Absolut Boston. What does Boston taste like? Presumably black tea and elderflower. Now I understand the tea part but why elderflower? What would Detroit taste like? Rust? Cherries? Michigan is the top pie cherry producer in the country.

We went to the North End today for more tastes of Boston. The Italian bakery has both lobster tails and sfogliatelle. I thought the former was a large version of the latter but Shanna insists they have different fillings. Got a baba au rhum too along with the rainbow cookies, which are full of almond paste, my favorite ingredient.
So sunny, dry and cool this morning so I ran completely around Castle Island-9.5 miles total.More than I have run for some time. According to most experts, this burnt slightly more than a half of a stick of butter. I stopped and watched the large freighters en route to Boston Harbor. Very pretty running along the shimmery water. I just wish there was less cement which is hard on my legs. We took the kids later to this island for their nice playground to siphon some off some of Oliver's considerable energy.

Oliver had speech therapy today. It was interesting watching how to coax him into saying more than the first few letters of a word.

All today I fielded at least 10 calls for Naomi. She is trying to get insurance for Maya and was frustrated. When she is frustrated, she screams and swears at me. I refuse to speak to her until she can ask a civil question so that took quite a few phone calls before she had the proper tone of voice for me to speak to her. The problem is that she can't get insurance for Maya as she is delivering in a different county (the only hospital our insurance would cover) She has to get off our insurance and deliver in our county. Things aren't sorted out completely yet. Her doctor doesn't have privileges in the local hospital. We might have to switch. Too bad. Both Naomi and I liked her.

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Teri Bernstein said...

Maybe you will go to Steve's brother's wedding and you will take the short cut across Ontario and Naomi will get lucky and deliver in Canada...where there would at least be no delivery coverage issues.

I am being flip, but I really feel for you with the insurance coverage issues. It is so scary to drop insurance and get coverage elsewhere! And so scary to be caught in between. There should be at least a 6 month coverage period for a newborn on whatever coverage the mother is on...


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