Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Every day is a vacation

Back when I was working, vacation days were few and I didn't ever want to waste one. Now that I am not 'working', I still feel I shouldn't waste any time but waste I do. I just got back from eating dinner with former colleagues which was pleasant eating along the sidewalk, drinking margaritas watching the world go by. Being somewhat younger than myself, they still need to work and were puzzled about what I could possibly be doing with all this spare time.

A good year of my time was spent fighting cancer. Aside from that, I have been constantly tutoring Naomi, help plan a wedding, settle two estates, etc. I do have a break right now before Maya is born. I am not bored yet.

Yesterday was so hot and humid, I was totally miserable running. I thought today would be worse but fortunately it wasn't otherwise my 30 mile weeks would have to come to a stop.

Naomi came over to work on her sun tan. We watched birthing shows.

One of my colleagues found a growth on his gum around the time we all were fired. Somehow the MRI was done on his chest instead and found lung cancer. He never smoked. The first question people ask him when they find out he has lung cancer is whether he smoked as if that matters. So if he says yes, do they say, Good, you deserved it. He had a lobe removed and chemo. The original growth on his gum was thought to be benign at that time but now they are saying that it is a bone met and needs to be removed. Major surgery. They will replace it with part of his leg. No eating for him for a long time.


Farmer's market day tomorrow. i will get that garden in.


krisa said...

Hi Sue,
My daughter had my first grandchild the end of March. At the library, she checked out a DVD by Dr. Harvey Karp--The Happiest Baby on the Block. All parents should watch this DVD-grandparents, too.
I thought it was very helpful!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Congratulations on having your first grandbaby. Does your daughter live nearby?
I'll see if they have the DVD. Thanks.

krisa said...

Thank you Sue! Yes, my daughter lives 20 minutes away. I am able to go over every day during the week to help--she had a C-section and will be going back to work in August. I take care of baby while mom takes a much needed nap.


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