Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today was my 3 month check-up. I am very tempted to skip the next one as only a few minutes was spent feeling me up. I do like the radiation resident who is Shanna's age and expecting her first child. The main thing I discovered is how much I weigh..alot. I am much firmer than a year ago but there is way, way too much of me to love.
It isn't for lack of exercise. I ran nearly 70 minutes this morning and then planted hostas for the next half hour. I really don't think I eat that much but I must or I photosynthesize or eat in my sleep.
There was an article on canine cancer in the WSJ. Most likely to die (60%) from cancer? Golden Retrievers. Least likely..besides mutts..small poodles and dachshunds. Spud is almost 14.5 years old. He is totally deaf and nearly blind. He runs into things alot. But he still loves his treats and doesn't appear to be in pain no matter how slowly he moves. He wakes later and later every day; sometimes when I see him in the morning, he is completely still.


Teri Bernstein said...

Your results are all good then?

I have one comment regarding Spud: when I saw him in October one morning, he was so, so, so very still I was sure....but I was wrong! That nose can still find those treats, for sure!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

The results were 'good' but all she did was check for lumps. As my original lump couldn't be felt and now there's plenty of scar tissue to hide under, these expensive breast checks aren't too reassurring. There are no markers to follow. Bone pain could be a sign of mets. Fortunately, my bone pain seems to be going away. The mostly likely site, aside from the breast itself, would be lungs. But by the time it shows up, it's all over.


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