Thursday, May 27, 2010

Needed: New Home!

Chipughua: Needs new home!

Naomi was informed today that her apartment will evict them if that dog isn't gone. Of course, no one checked this out first before adopting the dog. She is crying. As a small dog, I'm sure it would be quickly adopted if we took it to the Humane Society but Naomi wants visiting rights. Her brother will take her temporarily as she looks for a home. Steve is put out enough that we have Spud so I won't ask him.

The situation makes me sad. Just another situation out of many in which the consequences of her actions are not considered. And I was already sad even before she put this on me.


Sara Williams said...

I wished I lived closer because I would give the little fella a home! Hope the situation gets resolved quickly, I understand how devastated Naomi must feel. Good luck x

Alli said...

Oh gosh I'd take him in a heart beat. Try any other place rather than the Humane Society. There are many excellent rescue foster homes for dogs & cats possibly in your area.
It's hard giving up a pet you love.

Alli x


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