Friday, May 28, 2010

Hummingbirds and dogs

Another beautiful hand-made card from Lesa of LittleLifePreservers
Scanning doesn't capture how intricate the cards are or the silver paper she printed the woman on

My hummingbird came back looking for the feeder that I had taken away to clean. Hopefully she will come back now that it is clean and full. Also back, the chimney swifts tweetering away but they don't seem to be going into my chimney.

Steve volunteered to let Dakota stay part time until Naomi gets new housing. There was a shooting there last night-not a good place. Julia will watch her for some of the time. Sunday and Monday, we will have all three dogs here. Dakota will have to learn not to touch Sunny's stuff. Sunny is a 80 lb German Shepherd that we watch sometimes. She leaves Spud alone and we feed her on a separate level so Spud (who can't climb stairs) won't sniff her food (he wouldn't eat it-he's very particular). Dakota can climb stairs and will eat anything, food or otherwise.

It was less humid this morning so running was not so much of an ordeal. Maybe I cn do more gardening without sweating so much.

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