Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back into the routine

Even though it was a beautiful day, I went to the gym to work my neglected muscles. I have almost no pain in my arm/shoulder now so that is good. Naomi came over complete in bikini to sun herself even though she is 1) a redhead 2) 7.5 months pregnant. Fortunately she has heat intolerance due to being pregnant so that limited the sunburning. She has been doing well in her third trimester so far. She complains about a sore back occasionally.
I've been slowly clearing my to do list although lots of gardening needs to be done. We have straightened out her insurance, she's seeing a midwife this Friday, and I got my own medications sorted out. This weekend, she and Don'tae are going to a 12 hour LaMaze class at the hospital that we thought she'd deliver at before we found out the rules. We got all her records to be transferred to UM. This weekend my friend is throwing her a shower after Naomi's class. I am going to make a diaper cake as that is what she wants.

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Teri Bernstein said...

those diaper cakes are all the rage.


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