Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I am typing this from Boston with a keyboard missing a few keys compliments of Sir Oliver. In just 2 months the boys have changed so much. Daniel has grown thick eyebrows and has just started creeping. He is quite a charming little boy. Oliver is putting 3 words together, still thrilled by cars and trucks.
Driving here was mind numbing on just 2 hours sleep. There were very strong wind gusts that would suddenly push my little econobox sideways, especially scary on those big bridges around the Niagara region. My TomTom died, not really much of a problem as the basic way to get here is to drive 500 miles on Rte 90 until you hit the ocean and then turn south 2 miles but there is a maze of bypasses around Buffalo that I hadn't committed to memory plus I didn't get the pleasure of seeing if I could beat the ETA listed and see how many miles I actually have left. I missed several storms-I could see black clouds all around especially during sunrise. It was a nice getting 40 mpg for a change and zipping through tollbooths with my new E-Z pass instead of fumbling for change and trying to cross over with my right arm when my left arm was injured. If I drove today instead, I would have gone through an ice storm in Syracuse. I listen to opera, oratorios, alternative music, comedy skits-anything to keep me awake. Favorite music listened to: last movement of Eroica and Dvorak's Slavonic dance No. 1: the latter is especially uplifting. Funny stories listened to: a man with a German shepherd lived next door to a little old lady who kept her beloved rabbit in a cage in her backyard. He looked out in horror one day to find Fluffy dirty and inert in his dog's jaws but was too chicken to tell the old lady what had happened. He washed the dead rabbit up, blew dry its hair and snuck it back into the cage and hoped the lady would think Fluffy died in its sleep of lapine cardiac infarction. He saw the old lady a few days later looking sad and asked innocently what was wrong. Oh there was a death in the family. He asked who and of course, Fluffy had passed away. But then she added. You know I buried him in the backyard but a day later, I found his body all cleaned up in his cage. So Strange.

And there was a bit about a 'nice' case of Tourette's where the affected shout compliments and nice things instead of swearing and insults...

These things kept me up.

Breakfast with flowers and the grandboys. I ran some in gale force winds kicking up clouds of sand along the beach. Fine when the wind was on my back but tough in my face. Shanna and I went out for Mother's Day by ourselves to the South End (not to be confused with South Boston where I run) looking at all the cool architecture and trendy shops and restaurants. We ate at a nice Thai place and then went to the alleged best bakery in Boston called "Flour' where I had a dacquoise torte. It will be hard for me to duplicate that one. Josh dutifully called but no call from Ms. Naomi. Sigh. Someday she'll know.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mom friends. You know who you are!

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Alli said...

Sue I hope you had a Great Mother's Day....... Your grandbabies are so adorable. looks like soon another one will be making a grand entrance!
Have a good one sue...

~ Alli.xx


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