Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Viet Nam

Close-up of Maya's face

Shanna lives in Dorchester, a section of Boston home to many immigrants, the largest group being the Vietnamese. I always go down Dorchester Avenue at least once to pick up some tasty treats. Many signs are in Vietnamese.
One difference between Boston and Michigan is pedestrian rights. If one steps into a crosswalk, the car needs to stop here. In Michigan, they get run over. Sadly many out-of-state UM students don't realize our carcentric laws and step right in front of cars to no good end. Another difference is the amount of police. Boston must have the most per capita in the country. But what do they do? Guard road construction projects. During my run in South Boston yesterday, I found one trooper guarding a patch of wet cement!
And they love their rotaries called round abouts in our parts. Ann Arbor is now putting even more roundabouts in though people in Michigan are still confused by them.

I've decided to do long runs every other day so to spend more time with the babies. I took Oliver for a long (for him) walk. On the pier, there is a tourist boat that docks at the JFK library. He loved running up and down the aluminum gangplank. Lots of noise, which he loves to make. He also loved to pick the dandelions that have gone to seed blowing the seeds into the wind. He didn't care much for the JFK library but it was fun to climb the many steps up to it. He asked several times to be carried but you know mean grandma. We watched a construction zone for some time. He loves those earth movers. He took a 3 hour nap when we finally returned so Shanna was able to get some sleep.

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Teri Bernstein said...

You are such a wonderful seem to really have empathy for what those tykes want...

BTW...I laugh every time you post an ultrasound and label it, because, to my unscientific and untrained could be ANYTHING...thanks for the translation...


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