Sunday, December 14, 2008

The X-mas spirit

Still debating about the tree. Seems so depressing not to have one and Steve really doesn't like to deal with one. My hair is slowly starting to shed and I am feeling weaker. I have a sore on my lip now and my digestive tract is clearly unhealthy. Still not as bad as I thought I would feel. I didn't run yesterday as I thought I was getting the chills and coming down down with something.

I've been keeping busy with visitors. After one left, another came over with blood orange sorbet and the last 5 episodes of Weeds. Josh came over Saturday to take me out to lunch. He had free tickets to the Pistons in the 4 th row the night before that his neighbor, a physician, had gotten from his hospital.He is married toJulia's business partner. He had a good time. It was very nice to be out with Josh. I really hope this auto industry fiasco won't cause him to lose his job.His company seems to have lots of faith in his abilities and gives him a lot of responsibility even though he is the most junior engineer there. Also no 2nd grandchild for me if he has no job.. Later yet another friend came over with raspberries. Her apartment was completely flooded by a broken pipe and has very much complicated her life.

Last night was our mom's group party. Had to drive through freezing rain to get there. Although I am not taking any drugs aside from Prilosec, my liver has probably taken a beating from the chemo so I limited myself to a quarter glass of wine. I had a little trouble getting into the X-mas spirit initially and tried my hardest not to be a downer. The hostess had decorated her house very nicely. Got lots of nice presents: a flock of geese (this actually will be sent to some impoverished villager), a batteryless flashlight that runs for hours on 30 seconds of hand-cranking, alpaca glittens (glove-mitten combo), a wine stopper that looked almost like the Murano glass stoppers I brought back for everyone from Florence, lots of chocolates and wine, and various books. We've been meeting 29 years since our 1979 vintage babies were a few months old. Lots of personal growth since then and hard times and good times.

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