Monday, December 29, 2008

Waiting for Looking good, feeling pretty

Or is it Looking Pretty, feeling good. I forgot but yeah, I'm waiting for all of that. It's a class that the American Cancer Society puts on and we get all sorts of make-up-$300 worth I've been told. I think my personal supplies can be replaced for under $25. I also will learn scarf folding tricks and how to make a turban out of a T-shirt as the very enthusiastic lady yesterday told me. It's held all the way in Chelsea but I would have had to wait another month for it to be here.A friend offered to take me but the contrast between her (very pretty) and us would have been too much. Bad enough that in the last few years that some people have assumed she was my daughter even though she is a few months OLDER than me. Not even my own kids are ever considered to be 'my kids' except in some rare cases like Naomi being sometimes the only white girl out on the court for Huron and some opposing team parent will turn to me-That Redhead, she must be yours. Good guess Sherlock. (I didn't say that-I really am not so snotty). Another time I was biking across Michigan with 4 adolescent boys in tow stopped for our umpteenth snack for the day (it was impossible to ever pass a food store with these boys) and someone asked if all those boys were mine. For the week, they are but actually only one of them is my son. Really. Which one? Guess. Josh was the last guess.

Chemo tomorrow so I tried to get a last run in. Tenth of a marathon. It is sunny but cold and I was more tired than the other 2 days but I did it. Shanna is safely back in Boston. One mom came over for a pleasant and entertaining visit last night. Teri wrote me a very touching e-mail this morning. Nice phone call from another of the moms last night. Found through the web another TNBC person my age who actually lives in Ann Arbor and is only a month ahead of me in treatment that I haven't been able to contact yet but I will try harder. Naomi does not appear to be injured any more.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy some family time over Christmas and that you were able to go for a run.

I hope you enjoy the "looking good" seminar. I never went to one, but cosmetics did help me feel human. Hey, they should call it "Looking good, feeling human."

Take care,


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