Friday, December 19, 2008


It is snowing very hard. School was cancelled. At one point it looked like we were just on the edge of the storm and would miss it. Naomi had a paper due today that I don't think she finished and I was running out of energy to hound her so we were both nervously watching the Weather Channel. Shanna was supposed to start the big drive here today but that will start tomorrow weather permitting. It was sunny and calm yesterday so I did take a 2 mile walk. Still too slippery to run and now my balance is off. I feel faint alot now. I also can not have coffee any more. Snapple is my caffeine source now.

During the first round, I felt well enough alot of the time to forget for a few moments that I am a cancer patient. This hair business won't let me forget and my wig still isn't here. If I go to the X-mas tea later on today, I think I'll have enough hair left but it doesn't look very good. I know I should just have it all shaved off but I just can't.

Two of the moms came over last night to help decorate the tree. I have so many old ornaments-alot of them are falling apart and the lights need to be all replaced. But it looks good. Thank you so much for doing this when I know you are so busy with other things. I thought it would be so sad not to have a tree especially when it is the first X-mas that I have a grandchild. Of course he will be too young to remember it.

I knew the biggest battle in chemoland was trying to stay positive while feeling crummy. This cloud of falling hair is really making that difficult.

My former employer's huge research site will be sold to the University. No tax dollars there. It will allegedly bring in more jobs for scientists but I don't know how. Michigan is the epicenter of the Depression. Many, many struggling people. I just don't know how this can be fixed but giving Wall Street firms tax dollars so they could pay their execs big bonuses just really rankles me.

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