Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Smell of cancer

Naomi wearing my temporary wig and her elf costume. You can't see the many bells attached to her causing alot of noise as she moves but if you click on the picture, she can see her blue eyes as she doesn't have those contacts in that I hate so much. It matches my current-what I have left- hair for now. The hunks of hair hanging below it (I didn't have any clips and I don't have long enough hair as Naomi does to tie it in a bun)of mine matched perfectly. I thought Steve took some pictures without the hat but no. It's too shaggy and short but the price was right.
Basketball was a disappointment. She did get to start but quickly ran into foul trouble gaining Coach Steve's ire and bench time. Aside from a few good steals and rebounds, she did nothing special against a weak team who was actually ahead for the first 10 minutes-all the starters were off. The Rats eventually won by quite alot as their bench is quite deep and the other starters got their game back. Not Naomi. But they will be tortured today-the foul shooting was awful and he was especially furious with our star.
I do read my stat counter with interest (yes I am a nerd). Some of hits come from search engine terms that I might have used once. Like Free-troit Bounty Pay (this is to subvert google-I make sure to not use last names so people don't find themselves in the middle of my blog-I guess I should start that with schools too) I had mentionned that Coach Steve is gearing up to beat them-the number one school in most rankings. This is not a rare sentiment. All the schools want to beat them-both the men's and the women's. They recruit from all over, which doesn't quite seem fair. But I do see that the school itself got onto my blog. I also get hits from people who have the same last names as small Italian towns that I visited. It's not clear if people get their names from where they lived or if the towns are named after them. I think the former in Europe (Paulo di Gagliano) and the latter true here. Ann Arbor was named after the co-founder's wife.
Cycle 2, Day 2. I don't feel bad. Not even the splitting headache I had the first cycle. I had a headache yesterday but it was treatable. I would run if it weren't for the snow. While writing this I got a call from Shanna hashing out the schedule. Of the 9 nights she's here I get 4 nights. Of course I want more but she is being pulled in alot of directions. On top of it, it's Josh and Julia's turn to go to Maryland for X-mas so the only day we can get everyone together is this Sunday.
Now for my non-cancer friends, stop reading now. This is embarassing enough. Has anyone's sweat changed because of cancer? Now since I didn't notice this until after the first surgery and they were messing around fetching nodes, but now I am Ms. Stinky despite my constant washing and deordorant applications. I googled this and came up with cancer sniffing dogs. But sadly I don't need their extra senses to pick up on this. Fortunately for whatever reason I have no apocrine glands on my left side, fortunate as my broken arm made it impossible for 4 months to pry my arm away from my body so hygiene was a bit dicey . But I got an extra dose of them on my right and they have mutated into something awlful. I put this in my title so googlers will find it and please, please comment.
Josh just came over so have to go.

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