Monday, December 8, 2008

Wig out

Today I go for a wig. Naomi is full of suggestions and offered to skip school in order for me to pick out something that makes me look younger than I am. She hates having an older mom.

My queasiness is getting worse. I had thought the worse was the 5th day but no such luck. Still not as bad as when I was pregnant. Presumably those who are prone to morning and/or motion sickness are more prone to chemo queasiness. On the positive side, those who regularly drink alcohol aren't as affected. I am not drinking anymore. As for morning sickness, it lessened with each pregnancy. Very bad with Shanna, much less so with Josh. By the time I was pregnant with the third, hardly any at all but of course I lost that one. None with Naomi but that just made me nervous at the time as morning sickness is associated with a successful pregnancy. As for motion sickness, I've spent a few bad days on cruises when no one else seemed to be bothered so I guess I am sensitive.

I was becoming stir crazy yesterday. We finally took a walk in the cold and wind for an hour. Very pretty. I would have done it by myself but I am feeling dizzy often now and probably shouldn't be by myself. Steve really hates the cold.

Steve's cousin Stu finally got a hold of him to invite him to his daughter's wedding this spring. Steve is extremely bad at keeping in contact with friends or relatives and hasn't talked to Stu for about 8 years despite (or because of ) my nagging. But they managed to patch things up. Steve should have invited him to Shanna's and Josh's weddings though Shanna's would have been difficult being on a Friday and during the school year. Naomi is very excited to go to her Jamaican-Jewish cousin's wedding in NY. She thinks it's really cool to have Jamaican cousins though as I have explained several times, they don't share any Jamaican blood, just Jewish blood so therefore, she isn't Jamaican herself. Suffice it to say, Naomi is totally immersed into African-American culture. I don't believe she has any white friends left.

Josh came over briefly. He had taken 3 year old Sunny the German Shephered to the vet because her joints were swollen. He was afraid she had premature arthritis but the vet didn't think so as she has good range of motion. She does have some sort of inflammation.

The concept of chemo is just so primitive: killing all the fast-growing cells so the bad ones will be killed. We need more targeted therapies!!!

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