Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The "Elusive" is indeed elusive

This will be me in a week or so in honey ginger aka dirty blonde. I will have the bangs shortened about 3 inches. Old Raquel is holding up pretty well-she has at least 10 years on me. Frankly after staring at her face for more than an hour with her various products on-she doesn't seem to hire any other model-I've had it up to here with her.
I would like to have the FC Salon officially removed from the suggested places for cancer patients. Deb, Jan, and I got there a little early but then had to wait for more than a half hour for my appointment. I was feeling pretty nauseous and the perm solutions were making me sicker. My cutesy wig consultant sported a name not used before 1980 and a 'trendy' haircut with random shanks of hair sticking out 4 inches beyond the main mass. Yeah we were going to relate real well. She hadn't been a consultant for a while so didn't know where anything was or indeed what was available. Alot of the time was spent with her fumbling around for samples. Most of the samples were 'petite' so they didn't quite fit on my probably large head , made larger by my fairly long, thick hair. Even though most of the salon was bright, new, and attractive, the wig area was a darkened room barely lit with a fluorescent bulb. My skin appeared greenish. I never felt more like a cancer patient with these garish, Farrah Faucett styled, bright colored wigs on. It made feel profoundly depressed. For more fun, the room was 90 deg. They carried one line-Raquel Welch's. I would characterize these wigs as 'fun' i.e. to look glamorous once in a while, not for every day use. It pissed me off that they would advertise their services to cancer patients. Eventually we trotted outside with a mirror to get some idea of the true color. Incadescent lighting would be nice. I finally found a style that would be OK with modifications. She agreed to order it in 2 colors that they didn't have and I was to come in later in the week to decide between the 2. Fine. But a few hours later, she called to say that Raquel is no longer making the "Elusive'. I could have the red one (by red, it would make Naomi's hair look drab) for a very good price or I could pick something else cute. Or I could find it on-line, which is what I did. Hopefully that will work out. The whole experience put me in a very bad mood. Jan offered to drive me all over hell to find the right one in the suburbs but I am now getting carsick.
We watched half of the 3rd season of Weeds while eating Thai food. This time, Jan went to fetch it instead of having Steve being the gofer. A welcome change.
Naomi seems to be working with her teachers to get out of the hole she dug. Her math teacher is especially putting in extra time going over stuff with her. Naomi seems to know the math but freezes on tests. Her teacher is realizing that now. But she is letting her retake some of the tests.
I am queasy today. I thought it would go away by now. I still want to eat. I might try to run as it will be above freezing.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell kind of name for a wig is "elusive?" Geez, you can't catch a break. You're gorgeous, dahling.


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