Sunday, December 28, 2008

Have a Merry Chemo X-mas!

Oliver's curl
The whole family on X-mas. Notice the "lighten-up" wig
Also I posted a picture of Shanna lighting the shammas candle in my post on X-mas day.
So Shanna et al. are on their way to Boston after a very late start. If they get in before midnight, it will be a miracle. Fortunately they will have ice free driving so I won't worry so much.
Childcare is exhausting! We couldn't get Oliver down until nearly 11. When he is crabby, he has this dangerous habit of flinging his body backwards without any regard to what may be behind him.
The temp has dropped 30 degrees and now we have gale force wind. Still I will try for at least a mini-run today while the Red Devil is at a low level.
One positive: my rib stopped hurting. Shortly after surgery, I noticed that my rib right under the Bad Breast ached. I don't remember doing anything to hurt it otherwise. Maybe they hurt it somehow during the surgery but my paranoid mind thinks immediately of bone mets-this is how Elizabeth E. discovered her reoccurance-achy rib. But no more pain there.
I seemed to have picked up a new reader yesterday who googled the phrase 'triple negative-will I die?' Welcome Ms. Alabama, you probably won't but it is a scary club to belong to.

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