Monday, December 15, 2008

The weight of a breast

In one of my new follower's pathology report following her double mastectomy the weight of each breast was included along with a comment that the woman was very pleasant. Huh? I never met my pathologist so s/he wouldn't be able to assess my pleasantness except by reputation. But I guess the weight is important as there has been a recent study correlating asymmetry in breast size with cancer risk i.e. if one boob is way bigger than the other, for some reason you are at greater risk for cancer. I never noticed any asymmetry in me until it was pointed out the day of my fateful mammogram a few months ago. And the bigger boob wasn't so because it was riddled with tumors, no my 'good' breast was the bigger. Now it is even bigger due to all the slicing and dicing of the bad breast.

But the weight of the breast issue reminded me of this administrative asst. intern we had a few years back. She wore way too much make-up and was extremely busty. For some reason, several of the chemists found this charming and drooled visibly after her. She wrote a note to her friend about the dirty drooling old men chemists and wrote how she was able to weigh her breasts in one of the labs. She then made copies of this note sending it to a communal printer, instead of a local printer which she probably intended where some of my colleagues found it and read me the highlights. How and why she weighed them wasn't mentioned though curious minds wanted to know.

I'm big on estimating. I figure breast tissue is roughly as dense as butter. No air pockets or bone to confuse the issue as the rest of the body has. Imagine a pound of butter and if you could mold a life-sized replica of your breast out of it , you can probably guess it weighs about a pound. But I can just see her flopping those breasts on top of a scale.

My last day before round 2. I was able to run comfortably yesterday. I promise myself that I will stop at the first sign of fatigue. I might not have time today.

My day was made unpleasant by Naomi issues. She had allegedly attended the boys' bball away game the other night. I asked, who won? She said. Ypsi (good guess as they were heavily favored). Now I knew Huron had won with a 3 pt shot in the last second. So I had asked if she was really there and this set her off. Her proof was that Coach Steve sent her a text message saying he saw her there and was disappointed with her. The girls team was there but she didn't sit with them as she was supposed to. She sat with a 'bad crowd' instead in his eyes. As for her not knowing the score, her friend had parked in a tow-away zone and they left right before the game was finished (to beat the traffic) and Ypsi was ahead by 2. But the rest of the day she was weepy and moody refusing to talk.

We had our 'family' dinner at Josh and Julia's. It was nice. They will be gone to Julia's parents for the 4 days around X-mas so alternate plans have to be made.

Today I go over to Olga's, Shanna's mother-in-law. I also have to deal with this absurd bball fundraising thing. If the wind would die down, I'll run.

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