Saturday, December 6, 2008

Starting to fade

The chemo is gradually is showing its ugly self. My gums hurt and I am queasy. I still have some energy but the weather is too nasty to go out. Steve did get an indoor bike but it is not set-up correctly because there is no resistance and I wore a hole in my thigh trying to get a work-out yesterday. Hopefully my repair mechanisms haven't been damaged too much yet.

I made an appointment for my wig Monday. I couldn't get an appt for the day Brenda has off though Deb and Jan has offered to go with me.

Deb came over in the afternoon. I love visitors. As time goes on, I probably won't be able to get out as much. Naomi had another game last night against Divine Child, a team that they haven't beaten in the past but came very close. This team had a bunch of quick, little guards that could shoot 3 pointers at will. As Naomi's main job is to guard the key or their biggest, best player, her services weren't that necessary. But their little guards didn't stop Huron much from scoring so the Rats won handily.

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