Monday, October 3, 2011

Well baby visit

boat in front of Kennedy Library in fog
The above is something I photographed back in Boston. I wish I had my camera while I was running as the fog was much thicker..I felt like I was running in a cloud.

I didn't run today. I decided to tackle some home projects before I had Maya for 4 hours. It was a beautiful day and we spent part of it in the park. She loves walking back and forth on the pavement. I took her to her well baby visit while Naomi was in class. As suspected, she has gained weight. Now she's almost 45%tile for weight but 75%tile for height. There is some concern about her lack of words so she has been advised to get a full evaluation.

The  wedding photographer has promised Naomi the photos tonight: all 2000+ of them. We were going to turn one of them into thank-you cards. Hope everyone does not think Naomi was ungrateful.

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