Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three cosmos to the wind

Yesterday I joined my friend on a patio on a glorious day for $1.99 cosmos.  I had run a long way earlier in the day and maybe I was dehydrated but those things hit me like a ton of bricks. I tried to dilute the effect by drinking copious amounts of water but still I was fuzzy headed.

I eventually made my way to see the tail end of Josh's soccer game, which I hadn't gone to for awhile due do our absences and before that, mosquitoes. Ah...his new team has little talent besides him. but I came to see him who was double timing it back to the parking lot after the game.

Are you trying to lose me?

He slowed down and said it was a long day. He gets up at 5 am and he was hungry. The sun is setting so soon now, it depresses me.

Still at midnight, my head was still fuzzy...

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