Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Baby's Wedding, Part 2, the Ceremony

Sneaking out of the back of the church to line up for the precession in the front of the church

The Matron of Honor right behind her

Steve behind with the churchlady who co-ordinates everything

Don'tae  waiting for his bride


Maya was too tired to make the walk herself. Naomi's close friend agreed to walk with her

The ring bearer, Don'tae's nephew. Don'tae's mom is right behind him

Naomi starts the procession with Steve

This was a cross made of some oak cut down to make room for the church. It was the church's gift to them. Who knows where it is?

They are now married!

The kiss

First walk as man and wife

Signing the license

Father and daughter

Both families together. Don'tae has 5 brothers and 3 sisters

Our half..much smaller as Naomi has only a brother and a sister

The whole wedding party

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krisa said...

The photos are beautiful! Congratulations!


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