Thursday, October 27, 2011

The dress

Recently I was rooting through my closet and came across a beautiful silk dress. I don't remember buying it at all! It is a size smaller than what I am now so maybe I bought it a while back. It definitely is a dress that is my taste but it scares me that I have no memory of buying it.

I used to list all the teachers I ever had (to myself) to make sure my memory was intact. I stopped at junior high as I had too many teachers there but some of them remain in my mind. I am drawing a blank now on who I had for 5th grade. I remember the other 5th grade teacher; I remember a sub we had for a week because she went out of her way to hurt my feelings and I knew her nasty daughter but I can't even remember the sex of this teacher or who was in my class. I remember where the room was, to the south side of the other 5th grade room and I know we faced east. I could ask some of my Facebook people I guess. I do remember being asked with the other girls to go down into the basement for that talk on menstruation, which was news to me. All the other girls seemed to know all about it. I felt bad being so clueless and angry that this was a big surprise. But I was raised by wolves.

It is cold and rainy, a good day to stay in and perhaps tackle some ignored projects.

In case you were wondering what you could be for Halloween, I offer you this:

An In Bread Cat.

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