Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghosts of Halloween past

Josh and Shanna: age 11 and 8
I would like you to think that those ugly glasses were just part of the costume I am pregnant with Naomi here. Shanna's skeleton glowed in the dark to show only bones

Naomi at 11 just before she got braces
I have spent a good part of the morning looking for Shanna dressed as Don Mattingly (her unusual choice for a costume at age 9 or 10) but  it seems to be missing. She must have been the only girl in the state of Michigan, if not the whole country, to dress as her favorite Yankee.

Halloween was my favorite holiday as a child. As treats were very rare around my house and I loved treats a bit too much (or a lot too much), this was my opportunity to score. Alas my friends were not similarly motivated so I usually ditched them as they were too slow. I would stay out well beyond when I was supposed to, had to get those treats.

This is my Maya day. I hope to take pictures of her in costume.
Alas it will be cold tonight and possibly raining.

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