Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tootsie rolls

I get to my friend's house too early. While I sit in front of the house making some phone calls, a large man and his little black and white dog stop in the yard for the dog to poop. The man then continues on his merry way without any clean-up.

Hey, you ARE going to pick up after your dog aren't you?

Oh, I am coming back for that. I'm going home to get a bag.

Why don't you bring those bags along on your walks and be a good neighbor?

Listen lady, I don't know why you are making such a scene over this. They are just tootsie rolls.

 Tootsie rolls indeed! Would you want to eat one? Of course the scum never came back. I had a camera phone right there and didn't use it so I could post it on their neighborhood listserve. But if you see a 6 and a half foot man 30-40 with a white black chihuahua mix, prepare to be pooped on in the College Heights neighborhood.

But the Moms group was very nice. Although I see most of the Moms outside of the group, it has been since the wedding that we have all got together. We had salmon with an Asian glaze BBQed outside despite the cold wind, a tasty pear, cherry salad (this Mom at least found ripe pears), roasted butternut squash and leek soup, a pizza appetizer and a store bought confection, a chocolate conchorde made up of mousse and meringue. Although it was tasty, I felt embarrassed for not making an effort. My job is desserts. I did have a plan to make either a fresh plum tart or a pear tart but all the fruit was hard.
Lots of wine..we usually each bring a bottle and lots of catching up. We've been meeting since our oldest were infants. The babies all have turned 32 in the past few months.

When Miss Maya was over Thursday she had a cold. I figured with all these years I have been on earth, I should be immune to them all but in the middle of last night, my nose started to run and my throat was scratchy. Perhaps if I take a day off  from running, this cold will go away.

I will have lunch with Josh in a few hours.
The Moms celebrating our 30th anniversary. I had just had my first haircut  after my hair started growing back after chemo. Notice the curls now almost gone.


Holly said...

I think your hair looks adorable!!

Debbi said...

Girlie you are looking good..Love the pic.
You look like you all had so much fun !
I use to hate when people didnt clean up after their dogs when I lived in the city.
Now...I live in the country...and they just drop dogs and kittens off...Makes me furious...
Poor babies have been killed right in front of my house if I dont get them in time. I so dislike people who mistreat and dont take care of their animals.
I have a farm...doesnt mean you can abandon your animals here !!! Tootsie rolls my big foot !!
Hope your cold dont get worse...Feel better !


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