Saturday, October 8, 2011

More ArtPrize

This picture was made of different layers of duct tape

Giant dead crows made from used tires

Lego man

Woman covered in jewelry

Second place winner "Rain" from Ann Arbor

Big chair with bedraggled ArtPrize watcher

Rusty the dog made from found objects

I liked his face

Sunflowers from recycled water bottles

Car sculpture

Grand Rapids in the fall, not part of ArtPrize

Trilliums made from fabric. It does evoke Michigan woods in the spring


There were about 100 of these glass hands

These grizzlies fishing for salmon were a big hit

The over all winner made up of thousands of glass mosaic tiles. We found this in the convention center where Naomi's volleyball team won state championships

Portable nightclub. This was not open for business when we got there

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