Friday, October 21, 2011

To remodel or not to remodel

Grape chandelier where we ate lunch on campus

Tiffany glass at the art museum

More Tiffany

Even more: I like peacocks

Looking out the art museum's window over to the Law Quad with a pretty maple. The sculpture right outside was a backdrop for the engagement photos as seen below 5 months ago

A busy day with no running.
First stop: Naomi's. For the past few days, I've been inviting myself over but always Maya is asleep and no phone call as promised when she awakes. I called this morning when she usually is awake and am told again that she is asleep even though I hear babbling. Hmmm.
She's talking in her sleep.
I told her that I was coming over regardless in a half hour..
Maya was her usual self. Still her hair barely covers her scalp but she is very cute.
I meet a friend on campus for an Italian buffet. Buffets are probably a bad idea for this one but I tried to drink as much water as possible. I was good last night finally making some spaghetti squash which I served with pesto. Steve had not had it before.
There was an interesting Chinese woodblock print exhibit at the art museum.They were much more interesting than I had imagined. No photos allowed though I took some of the Tiffany.
Later I went on a remodeler's tour with Steve. There are 17 homes on the tour and we saw 5 of them today. We are trying to get ideas for our house. The 3 bathrooms are original and barely functional.
I was amazed at some of the complete rehauls of formerly modest homes that are in modest neighborhoods.
We are in a quandary what to do. Should we do the bare minimum necessary for resale and then buy a dream house or try to make this house a dream one even though it is not in the best location.

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