Monday, October 24, 2011


The above is from the front of a thank-you card that Naomi put together for her recent wedding.


So often these words are so hard for one to utter. Yet one can't solicit them either. I remember my father continually trying to make me feel guilty for my existence. All this led to was resentment on my part so I try not to make my kids feel guilty for all that I believe I have done for them.

Not long after Steve and I married, I overheard my father telling his friend that if it weren't for him, I would never have been a "success". This was just too much. He had made my life so difficult. I jumped up enraged and told him that if I were a success, it was despite him not because of him. We left his home. I followed it up a few days later with a letter listing all the ways he had made my life miserable. This was unforgivable in his eyes. For then on, he only dealt with me if he had too. I was disowned.

This is a Maya day as Naomi has class. I am hoping to spend it with her at a park.
Recently she went to an indoor playground with another baby. Below are Naomi's photos:

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Alli said...

I love the pics with your grandchildren They look so intense, deep in thought in their own language of course...... Alli xx


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