Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The last day of Indian Summer

2 kinds of morning glories. I prefer the big blue ones but I have a lot more of the dark purple

cosmos are thriving in front. In back, they were choked to death by morning glories

The museum where I got my appraisal

Trees at the park

Maya playing with my camera case. She has a little bit more hair

Inside the museum

We have had almost 2 weeks of warm, sunny weather but the rains come in tomorrow. I've been going to Josh's soccer games. The temperature quickly drops as he plays and the game ends when the ref can no longer see. Beautiful sunsets though, I should have taken my camera.

We had our family dinner Sunday at his house. This is the joy in my life with us all admiring Maya's antics. I can't wait for Josh and Julia to have a family. Meanwhile grandbaby number 4 is now avocado sized. In two weeks, they get a sneak preview and perhaps we will know if it's a girl.

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