Sunday, October 2, 2011

The tangerine silk kimono

It is now fall. If it would stay fall, I'd be happy but it just leads to my least favorite time, winter, so gray and cold. In general, it is about ten degrees cooler here than in Boston despite being somewhat more south. Less than a week ago, I was struggling in the 80 degree heat and humidity whereas yesterday, I did my run in a 30 mph wind, 40 degrees and in drizzle.The day before, the strong wind caused yet another power outtage..annoying.

I returned home to soggy, moldy flowers and immediately deadheaded them. Maybe I will get some last blooms this week before the killing frost. I already brought in all my tropicals. My hummingbird feeder was a heady mix of mold and dead ants. Steve said he had changed it once. I hope my little hummingbirds had a drink of something clean before their big trip. I haven't seen them since I've been back.

I decided to have some me time. The other night, a friend and I scheduled pedicures/manicures that took an hour in a massaging chair. Included was a hand massage with smooth, warm stones and a leg massage. It all felt good and now I have bright peach nails. I usually polish my toes (or have Naomi do it) but leave my fingernails alone. As a child, I kept track of the compliments I received. It wasn't hard as there was so few beyond those concerning my alleged cleverness as in it's a good thing you are so smart because the way you look, you are going to have to support yourself.When I was ten or eleven, I was with a friend and her grandmother. Grandmother was gushing over her granddaughter over and over because she was just so cute and pretty. After a while, it occurred to her that perhaps she should say something positive about my appearance and after struggling for a bit, she came up with that I had nice hands.

Well thanks.

But maybe I do and now they look even nicer.

The me-athon continued with dinner and some shopping. At a relatively high end resale shop, I bought the titled kimono with its beautiful embroidery.Its color might be closer to school bus yellow than tangerine but school bus colored silk kimono doesn't quite have the same ring. In the past, I stayed away from oranges and yellows as I thought, with my dishwater blonde hair, they made me look especially drab. Now my hair is pale blonde so I don't look so 'beige'. It is a tad long for the look I had in mind but a friend will do the alterations.

Later that night, I woke to a pain near my spine. It felt bruised. I couldn't remember injuring it and immediately my thoughts, as they too often do in the middle of the night, went to the dark side..unexplained bone pain...must be mets. In the light of day though I remembered that the setting of the massage chair was too high and the pounding on my spine probably caused the pain.

I haven't seen my son in almost a month due to our trips but I will see him today. Tomorrow I have Maya duty. I will take her in for her 15 month check-up. Amazing how the time has flown. The pediatrician is out on maternity leave. I don't think there will be any more concerns about Maya's skinniness. She seems to have reversed that trend

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