Friday, October 14, 2011

Waiting for the cable guy...

For the fifth time ! In less than 2 months! Is my frustration transmitted sufficiently through cyberspace?
Do I think it is going to be fixed this time? the problem probably is beyond my yard but the company refuses to address that even though I suspect others in my neighborhood have the same issue. Unfortunately my land line is through this system's cable. I will be in the middle of a conversation and the phone goes dead. I assume or whomever I am speaking to, will assume a hang-up. Turns out that this is the only cable provider in the area...monopoly anyone? We could go back to DSL, get a portable, slow hotspot or just suck it up as some days, we actually have service for the whole day.

And Blogger: I tried to edit the photos on my home page as they are outdated but I have exceeded my limit. As I seem to be able to load onto my blog, I was perplexed. Turns out since I have exceeded my limit, the ones I have loaded have been reduced in pixels. Do I start a new blog ? Do I erase excess pictures? It says I could purchase more space but to keep the photos, do I pay for the rest of my life?

It is rainy and windy out so it wouldn't be much fun to run anyway. I will spend the morning waiting for the cable guy and try to do something useful.

Another monopoly around here: lawn service.  We used to use this crappy service that would call us daily suggesting even more service. I warned them, any more junk calls and I would cancel the contract but they persisted. Once we both became unemployed, I figured we could do our own lawn with so much time on our hands and with no income and I canceled. The next season, I found them merrily spraying my lawn. It was clear that I canceled because that alone generated many calls pleading us to resume service. I explained to the sprayer that I had canceled and he said no problem, it would be free and wrote that on the invoice. We got a constant stream of bills over that. Sending the invoice saying that it was free did no good. I said I would never, never use them again and furthermore, tell everyone I could about their underhanded ways. Our lawn started looking ratty and it turns out, all the time on our hands didn't turn into lawn care (and there was the issue of breast cancer..somehow lawn care took a backseat to that). We found a company that put pellets on the ground instead of spraying a toxic aerosol all over the place and was happy with them until...NOW. Turns out the 'good' company went bankrupt and was taken over by the evil big company and again I found their truck and sprayer in my yard.

One more cute picture, reduced in pixels but as it is from Facebook, the pixels were already reduced:

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Cheryl said...

It is a cute picture Sue!
I can sense your frustrations and understand the reasons; justified in my eyes.
Do hope things get better..


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