Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The F**k-it List

As soon as one receives a dire prognosis, presumably one starts prioritizing what one wants to do most in the remaining time (The Bucket List).However some of us compose a list of things that they will no longer spend anytime worrying about..thus the title. I didn't come up with the name myself. Presumably the young man who wrote the script of 50/50 which was based on getting a cancer diagnosis in his 20s came up with it first but I think we all embrace the concept.
  1. Worrying about what is going on with my 401K when by the time I would be able to access it, I would be gone.
  2. Alzheimer's Disease. This is a genetic time bomb but probably wouldn't hit for another 15 years or so. 
  3. The indignities of growing old
  4. My weight.
  5. All that small stuff.
As time goes on, my prognosis seems to become rosier and rosier. I will not be out of the woods completely for another 2 years or so but for now, I am part of the 2.5 million breast cancer survivors. 2.5 million...unbelievable. But I should start erasing that list as all of this will matter excepting perhaps #5 though still the smallest things will gnaw at me.

I've been nursing a cold for the last couple of days so I didn't run. It was making me very antsy though so today I went out in the freezing weather (our first frost). As it was calm and sunny, it seemed warmer. On Sunday, I shared bento boxes with my son..just the two of us which hasn't happened for a while. He is such a blessing!
Mondays are Maya days. First stop, WIC check-up. She's gained a little weight since her last visit. Her head circumference seemed to have shrunk, which of course is impossible, but it is really hard to get an accurate measurement. They were happy about her her physical progress. I had her for the rest of the day while Naomi had her class and her first test which she aced. Naomi had joined the school's soccer team to be with a friend. However, last night she was kicked off when they determined that the class she was taking isn't for school credit but for a certificate (and hopefully for a job in the near term). It doesn't seem quite fair.


AnneMarie said...

I didn't see the movie but I like the list idea! Reminds me of a fellow volunteer at the hospital talking about when he was diagnosed with a rare cancer. He was in the "financial office" of the hospital going through paperwork. Made us all laugh when he said he was signing anything they put in his face. He wouldn't be around to pay the bills anyway. I think that was 18 years ago..... Those are great stories and this F-K It List is a good idea. Going to write one now!

Debbi said...

LOL AnneMarie.
I need a dont matter anymore list too.

Hope you feel better soon Sue...Kick that cold to the curb.
Glad you had a nice time with your son
I may not be around much for the next week ..Chemo in the morning.
Maybe I'll do better this time!!!!!
But I'll be back and catch up

Debbi (atoosassygal.blogspot.com )


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