Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black and White

Black: The color of Josh and Julia's dinner the other night held in the unlit basement of a local restaurant. Patrons were asked to dress in all black.The food was all black too such as squid ink risotto. It was a wine-tasting dinner. Presumably without being able to see the wine, one could concentrate on the taste. Josh isn't much of a wine drinker preferring beer or mixed drinks but he was the only one who guessed the first wine tasted was a red.

White: The color of the ground around Shanna's with the freak October storm yesterday. Boston did not get the 2 feet as other parts of Massachusetts did but still there was several inches on the ground. No snow here but it definitely was cold enough for it. 24 degrees when I went for my run this morning.

Black and yellow: Ms. Maya's bee costume for tomorrow.

Orange and purple: My nails. We went for a mani/pedi yesterday sitting in the massaging chair for more than an hour while having our legs and hands massaged with hot stones. Fun except now I have a backache. I selected the pearlized orange for my fingers and metallic purple for my toes although with the cold coming, no one will be able to admire my now pretty toes.

White, green and red: The Italian flag. After our nail painting, we went to a new restaurant opened by Italian brothers. They are trying to replicate their mom's Neapolitan cuisine. Although raised by Italians, they never learned the language even though it was spoken in the house. One of the brothers is trying to learn it now but is having difficulty with all the rules. Good food though they need to work on the ambiance.

Yellow, red and black: The German flag. Josh is probably going to be asked to do a long term assignment in Germany. Julia would be done with her classes so she could go with him. As a child, she learned German while living in Zurich though she thinks she has forgotten it but maybe it would come back to her. Josh should learn more beyond greetings and Kolsch, the local beer.

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