Monday, October 10, 2011

More....I lied

Always on the phone even up to the moment she was to walk down the aisle
Head table before guests came. Official color: wisteria. Naomi wanted lots of shiny bling so tables were covered in crystals

One of the many bouquets my  friend made

The final assembly
The guys

She's stuck and not too happy about it

I need to get rid of church lady in the background

In general, I was pleased with the photographer but I have no nice shots of the couple together in her wedding dress, just some in her dancing dress

One of three cakes. This was the strawberry mousseline though I prefered the lemon

Don'tae's dad giving his unique toast. Naomi thinks he looks like Samuel Jackson
Cousin Dave dancing

Don'tae's dad enjoying himself

Don'tae's brother liked the cake too


Oliver looking dapper

Young guest showing off his moves

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