Sunday, October 23, 2011


Art work in fancy massage room

glass tile mosaic

massage table

View of the river from Dexter cider mill
When I started my long run yesterday, it was only 28. By the time I was finished, the temperature had climbed to 48. Yes I was out in the brisk sunshine for a long time. I was startled by a stag jumping in my path on my run.

A beautiful fall day. Steve and I spent the afternoon driving around the county on the Remodeler's tour. We are allowed access to 17 homes that had recent projects completed to glean ideas for our own project and to meet the contractors. I also love to look at homes.

One home in particular was out in the country perched on a hill surrounded by ponds. This house was 13,000 square feet! Everything was top end. It had 3 complete master bedroom suites, a full theater with a 10 foot long screen, 2 complete bars, a huge sauna completely covered in glass tile. I forgot to bring my camera so the pictures above are from a cellphone. We couldn't capture the beautiful glass tilework on the floors but you can see the mosaic on the wall. When we asked how many people lived there, we were told 2 but the couple had many children and grandchildren who visited. We assume this belongs to some auto exec.

Yep, the gap between the haves and the have nots is certainly growing.

One of the homes was in Dexter so we stopped to visit Josh and then the cider mill, which was very crowded due to the perfect weather. A local winery has a tasting room. I bought a fortified with raspberry wine that tasted especially good with chocolate.

There are a few more houses we haven't visited so that will be today's treat.

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