Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Northern lights

Northern lights over Lake Michigan from web on Oct 24, 2011
On my bucket list is seeing the Northern Lights. Generally this means travelling very far up north but if I were paying attention, one could have  seen them from Ann Arbor 2 nights ago at around 10:30. I was asleep.

Since the storm on the sun which caused these was still going on, I thought I would have a second chance last night and went out but instead, there was a thunderstorm.

I thought I saw some when I was about 10. Every weekend, we'd see my father's best friend and his family. He had kids around the same age as myself and my brother. One night as we were pulling out of their driveway, flashing lights appeared in the Northern sky which my father said were Northern lights but I don't remember any colors. Perhaps I was seeing a meteor shower. I can't remember the time of year, just the light show over the cornfields.

I never wrote down a bucket list but I have one in my head though it isn't completely formed. Top on the list is getting to meet all my grandchildren, even the 3-4 unconceived ones that I feel that are out there. But 4 is definitely a good start. I do hope to be there when the newest little girl makes an appearance next March.

This week, I managed to find nice times to run between the rains. I have been amusing myself watching a little TV in the time that ordinarily, I would be gardening.
Things I have enjoyed the most: The Scorcese documentary on George Harrison. I was quite the Beatle fan long ago. Also, the new shows Enlightenment and The Boss. As it is Pinktober, the local cable company has an all pink selection. Not so enjoyable.

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Patricia Prijatel said...

Sue: Apparently we could have seen the northern lights here, but I also was asleep. Rats! I have a question for you--would you be willing to look over my book fairly quickly, just for obvious glitches? It has gone through medical review already, but you seem to have an in-depth perspective that others don't. Thanks for considering it. (The editor has it now and I am awaiting her comments. She called it "wonderful" and "magnificent," so she is on board. She plans to promote it to the booksellers in January, for a publication date in the second half of 2011.)


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