Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Baby's Wedding, Part 1

The dress hung outside the church

Church cushion in the bride's waiting room

Church gardens

Inside the church before we came

Outside of church, one of the oldest in Michigan built in 1856
Julia doing her hair. Cellphone always next to ear

She likes cell phones too...just like mom

Our flower girl

with Mom

With  2 of her aunts

Stuck behind some plastic thing


holding on to mom as her hair gets combed out by Aunt Julia

I love this picture. Cost of dress? $5. I bought them in 2 sizes as I didn't know how much she'd grow.

My little shoe fiend
Bridesmaids and Naomi. Shanna, to her left is the Matron of honor. Next to Shanna is my daughter-in-law Julia. The one to the far right is Don'tae's sister who is closest in age to Naomi

Flowers and shoes. My friend, one of the Moms, did all the flowers and decorations. Aren't they pretty?

On church steps

The groom before the wedding

Don'tae and the groomsmen. Josh is to the far left

So the photographer sent us about a third of the pictures. Although there are some great shots of Maya, I can't find a winner of Naomi and Don'tae together, which really disappoints me. These are the preceremony photos. I will post more later.

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