Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter projects

Favorite photo from Montreal being converted to canvas

Cotswold gardens

One of the many 16x20 photos of me as a toddler. Unfortunately the matting has yellowed
One of the wrapping paper maps

A series of lithographs purchased in York England of the town. Just now got around to hanging them up

I will have one wall in my dining room devoted to my favorite travel photos in canvas. I just ordered the above first two to join a photo of the Ponte Vecchio and another of the alleyways of Gagliano.
For our den, we bought several old maps and framed them. The maps are actually wrapping paper and cost about $3/sheet but look cool framed. We have ancient maps of lower Manhattan, England, Italy and the World.
My father never owned a digital camera but he would have liked the Cotswold photo as every flower is in focus. In the photo of me, every stitch of the sweater can be seen but not the eyes of the horse.Is this horse unusual?  I always thought the mane of a dark horse would be dark. In general, he avoided photographing dark animals especially against a light background. He printed all of his black and whites having a whole series of 'dodgers' that could be used to prevent one area of a print from becoming overexposed. I was allowed to dodge in his darkroom.

And it is snowing again!!!! I still have a cold but maybe I will have enough energy to go out today.
Poor Daniel was hit hard by the RSV virus (again!!!) and spent some time in the ER yesterday. His siblings were much more mildly affected. Even though he is a strong, healthy looking preschooler, being born with premature lungs has made him extra vulnerable. Once a preemie, always a preemie, they were told last night.
Still thinking of a winter escape. One plan already fell through.

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