Friday, February 1, 2013

Achy Breaky Breast

 What is this gruesome photo of? My achy breaky breast. To be thorough, I should photograph  the huge difference in size between my 'good' breast and this. It is very firm to the touch. It would pass the Ann Landers test. ( Should you wear a bra? If your breast will hold a pencil, yes you should). Initially when I consulted the surgeon, she assured me that she could get everything out with 'good cosmetic effect". I guess what good is  varies with who is looking at it.

Since my seroma broke last month, the size difference has become even larger. The seroma still continues to leak though at a much slower rate. Seromas are very common in breast surgery, particularly in mastectomies but usually they disappear in a few months. Not much word about those which decide to explode 4 years later. Doctors are reluctant to drain them lest they get infected. But they will if they are painful. On the internet, there are cases of grapefruit size seromas in the armpit making it impossible to put ones arms down. But as soon as they are drained, they seem to fill right back up again.

The 70,000th visitor came to this website a few minutes ago. Readership is decling; perhaps I should lead a more exciting life?

Cold, windy and icy again.

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Holly said...

YIKES!!! you are very brave to post this picture...


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