Monday, February 11, 2013

Running with a cold

I think that as long as one does not have a fever or malaise, one should be able to safely exercise. However I think I overdid it last week with my long run along the river. I should have stopped as soon as I felt worn out. It took me a few days to recover.

But I am back out there again even in the gale force winds. But aside from at times being up against a wall of wind, I felt fine. I still sound awful though.

Poor Steve. Friday he had a 2 hour long dental surgery involving a bone graft. They were not able to do set a post for his implant though as his jaw was too severely destroyed. He has to wait 12 weeks to continue the surgery. Since they couldn't do it in one shot, we have to pay an extra $1000 on top of a big bill that is only partially reimbursable.The anti-inflams he is taking hurt his stomach and now he has my cold on top of that. Not happy.

The last few days have been filled with minor annoyances..a missing check that I bet my mailman delivered to someone else. Need to arrange for direct deposit in the future. We rely on this check for our daily expenses. And then my 'accident' in California (rental car window broke all by itself) finally has been billed to me. After 3 months I thought I was safe but no....Theoretically my credit card company will cover it though they refuse to say whether they will. I have to keep sending them papers.

My house hunter convinced the builder to add a bunch of upgrades as Josh did not come with a realtor saving the builder 3% or so. If you remember my post about 8 mile, we live on the level of zero mile. Josh works at the level of minus one mile. Shanna will live at minus one mile. This new house is about the level of 13 mile but is further east than where he lives now.

Saw all my children at one time or another over the weekend. I love having them close but soon we will live in 3 different counties.

Readers, what is your idea of a small wedding?
I would say less than 30 but apparently some believe it would be around 100.

At least I don't have to plan it...

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Anonymous said...

Sue, a small wedding would be family only. :) sorry to hear about your husband's dental visits...can be so painful.


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