Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Meaning of (Almost) Everything

Is something nothing or is nothing something?

I've never been treated to such pretentious BS in my life. Two actors shouting at each other about the meaning of Perhaps and sniffing an audience member's shoe insides. And yet critics have given this play favorable reviews. I bet they didn't enjoy it..they just thought they should as it was written by local sacred cow Jeff Daniels. I lost attention after about 2 minutes. Fortunately the play was short.

Last night Josh treated us, Julie and her mother to dinner and this play in Chelsea. The dinner was great! Tasty scallops. It was fun meeting Julie's mom though Josh keep sending me visual daggers when he thought I was being 'too much" myself.

Naomi's ex- girl scout leader was the theater usher. I hadn't seen her in more than ten years since she moved away. Coincidentally (see I didn't use the word Ironically as some do..irony is too over used) I saw the other ex-leader just the other night somberly dealing with an elderly person at the entrance to the ER (I took my friend through that door to an appointment). At the time, I did not find it appropriate to go up to her and ask How was she doing? Obviously not well at that moment.

Under the category No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, these sincere ladies were accused by the organization of abuse due to the absurd allegations of a neurotic mom (who should be shot!!!). It turns out that her little darling, spoiled to the hilt, was told not to interrupt another girl who was speaking. She went home to report to Ms. Neurotic that the leaders were mean to her. Instead of asking the leaders what happened, she went right to the organization to complain. When word trickled down to the leaders, they suggested that the girl quit the troop as they were not comfortable of being accused of abuse when they were just trying to curb this spoiled brat's behavior. Of course the girl didn't want to quit; her friends were there. And somehow Ms. Neurotic found some on her side on how mean the leaders must be to exclude a little girl just for the mom's behavior. I had my own experience with Ms. Neurotic when her darling was on my soccer team. She was forever hovering in the background afraid our activities would lead to injury. I did suggest that since she was so worried, that perhaps she should take her kid off the team. but no, the girl wanted to be there.

I think our troop (the one I led for Shanna) was much more fun. Fortunately I didn't have anyone as such as Ms. Neurotic to contend with though I did have others: Ms. Forget to Pay, Ms Forget to pick her Kid up, Ms Can you watch my son too?Ms. When Are you Going to teach them Manners? when her kid was the most out of control ever, Ms. Cookie Mom who marked down cartons when she meant boxes and we were stuck with a zillion Lemon Pastry Cremes forever (the absolutely least favorite flavor).

I did go on one field trip with Naomi's troop: Lodge camping. At one point, the now usher had the girls scrubbing eggs. I had admitted that I  always leave out this step. She was aghast that I was flirting with salmonella.

But we did enjoy our rare night out, even with the most boring, stupid play ever. At one point, when we had our wine glasses (or water glasses), it was proposed that we toast. The mom toasted us for raising such a wonderful son. Ah but is he so wonderful because of us? They are what they are.

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