Friday, February 8, 2013

The Lost Late 90s

While cleaning out a closet, I found a box of photos I hadn't seen in years. Most of our photos are in another closet. Yep I do need to get organized. These are from 1996-1998 or so. Naomi was in kindergarten or first grade and the older kids in high school.
Steve has dental surgery this morning. As he will be sedated, I am going with him. Hope the roads are OK as there was some sort of ice storm overnight.

A miracle. I haven't coughed in a few hours. As my cold started Saturday, I really don't think I am contagious nearly a week out but my presence might make some nervous.We were having a mom's group tonight but that might be on hold.
My clematis looked so much better back then

In Disney World

Naomi and her cousin. She is 2 years older than Naomi and born in Michigan. I was at her birth. She is now working on a doctorate in NJ.

Homemade costume

With Grandma

Homecoming dance

I liked the lighting in this picture

Josh holding  our nephew who now is 17

My brother and his daughters. The twins will be 28 in 2 months


Spud the pug pup eyeing Sasha

Spud would have been 17

Moonlight beach

why couldn't she stay small

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