Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby Girl Hair

Maya's wild hair

After I put it back in a ponytail

Miss Tess has about 6 more months before she'll have enough hair to play with. At this age,  Maya just had scalp
What to do with Maya's hair? She is biracial or multiracial depending on how you figure-a mix of African-American, Native-American, Jewish and various Northern European combos. The front of her hair is soft reddish brown curls; the back dark frizz. Finally she has enough to put in a little top-knot.

Miss Tess has soft straight hair like her mama does.

One fun aspect of having baby girls beside dressing them in cute clothes is playing with their hair.

Steve and Naomi went to the courthouse today to straighten out the divorce papers. Maybe our family should get a discount for repeat business. Divorce with a child is much more complicated than divorce without a child and takes much longer.

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