Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bizarre spam

I had bought 3 small water-colored paintings from the artist on the steps leading up to Corniglia  on our Cinque Terre hike. Should have bought 5 little paintings instead of 3. Now I can't find the third but here are Monterosso and Vernazza
We are used to offers to make our penises longer, photos of lonely, horny married women and great discounts on drugs but lately spam has become more troubling. The latest: Your arrest record is now public; A criminal background check was run on you. Look what they found!  Also: shipping updates from various delivery services along with the usual bank phishing scams. How could all this be legal?
Somehow, several of my acquaintances contact lists have been hijacked to send me pleas for money as my friend is stranded in some foreign country.

My resolution is to try each day to make our house less cluttered. I find it very easy to get rid of stuff that Steve has squirreled away but I have to start on my stuff. Today's project: boxes and boxes of T-shirts I got from running races in the 80s and 90s. They don't fit and smell funky due to the plastic iron-ons .

During our IKEA run of a few days ago, I bought a few more frames for my hang-up project. Also bought in the kids' section: a $5 wind-up flashlight. This is the predicted big hit among the grandchildren. Will have to buy more.

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Teri Bernstein said...

I love my watercolors that I bought at the same spot. I gave a few away, fool that I was, but I really enjoy the ones I kept. Yours look great, by the way.


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