Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Canoe Test

How will a potential spouse be in a crisis? One never would know by just going on carefully controlled dates in which everyone is on their best behavior.

I read recently that couples should go on a 2 day canoe trip. Something is bound to go wrong and there will be ample opportunity to blame the other. You then would see what your potential spouse would truly be like.

Steve and I actually did go on a 2 day trip down the Pere Marquette River before we were married. It is a difficult river with rapids, strong current and many twists. The strong current pushes one right into log jams. I did most of the steering and we happily survived with no blaming the other. A few years later,, though, we went down a calmer river in Ohio (Miami or Little Miami) for a 2 hour trip. The Rule of the River: the stronger the current; the more you have to paddle to maintain control. Steve didn't understand this. He thought, the stronger the current, the less work you have to do. He was in back this time in charge of steering. Losing control meant that I got branches in my face. With increasing irritation, I explained the Rule of the River to him to no avail. That was our last  canoe trip together. I found other people to canoe with such as my son.

Our one day of spring has quickly reverted to crappy winter again. Fortunately it is my Y day. I returned to my yoga lass last night. The instructor fortunately has toned down the class somewhat but has an annoying habit of singling me out for correction.  What I am trying to do is to totally relax. I often find my muscles all tense even in the middle of the night.

After my yoga class, I took a good friend to the hospital at night for some tests. This particular lab is open to 11 pm. It is so eerily walking the halls so late at night.

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