Thursday, February 28, 2013

A2 Brute?!?

Earliest reference to Ann Arbor? by Julius Caesar.
Not an original joke. It was in this month's Observer.

Naomi is still without power. They said it should be restored by tonight by 11 pm but they said that yesterday. Meanwhile it is going to be real cold here.

I guess I didn't make it clear yesterday  who would be supplying my new grandchild. That would be Josh (with some help by Julie).

I went with my friend earlier this morning for a consultation concerning a procedure she is having tomorrow. An additional pair of ears can always be useful. They were listing some of the possible side effects..including a possible loss of smell. I then asked since the procedure is being done close to the optic nerve, would loss of vision be a possibility?

Yes it would...didn't we tell you that?

No they did not. I think we would have remembered that. Scary. They mentioned the most likely outcome is that they would come up empty handed but her problem is too important to be ignored.

They actually gave her a scratch and sniff test to document any changes in her odor detection capabilities. Eau de lighter fluid and grass...yum.

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