Saturday, February 2, 2013


Things I have uncovered in the last few days:
  1. Electric calculator circa 1970. Functions: very basic. Presumably cost $150, a lot of money in those days. Does not work even if we plug it in. Steve reluctantly agreed to throw it away but I bet it's squirreled away somewhere.
  2. I had winnowed my father's photo boxes from 15 down to one. Somehow they mysteriously expanded back to 3. More throwing out.
  3. A big box containing something called WebTV. I don't recall ever using this. It looks expensive but it is obsolete.
  4. An original Texas Instrument computer circa 1980. Memory was stored on a cassette recorder. Included are about 50 games with slightly better graphics than Pong.  I am not allowed to throw this out as someday it may be worth something. (I doubt it)
  5. Fifteen maps from various years of the NYC subway system. About 5 of the Chicago system
  6. Triplicates if not more of almost every state in the country
  7. A huge folder containing information about Columbus, Indiana
Bags and bags of useless stuff are now gone but sadly this is only a drop in the bucket. Still would love to make financial records that are more than 10 years old disappear along with folders of monthly statements (wouldn't one yearly statement be enough?)

What else does one do on a snowy day? I did go out for a while as the bike path behind us is sort of clear and  a commercial office park nearby is fairly diligent about keeping the parking lots clear.  Our streets though are a slippery mess. Making plans now to escape this.


Teri Bernstein said...

What to do on a snowy day? the spouse and I have been watching Danish TV series...first "The Bridge" now "The Killing" 10 episodes and 20 episodes respectively. I admire all of your throwing out. Made a trip to Hazmat today with about 400 old batteries, 12 bad fluorescents and many cans of paint .

Anonymous said...

I have been throwing junk away, making trips to the Goodwill, shredding statements for the last couple of years. My husband still works so isnt around to interfere. :)


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