Saturday, February 9, 2013

Real Life House Hunters

Above is the house that Josh and Julie put a deposit on today. It is about 6 weeks out from being finished yet most of the decisions have been made already as to fixtures, etc. There is little left to choose. It is about 2400 sq ft with 4 bedrooms, a second floor laundry. We went out there to look at it with them along with another house that needs another 3 months to finish. Last weekend, he was mad that he missed out on the opportunity to get the more expensive house and refused to look at this one. This weekend, the first deal had fallen through and he could now get the house he thought he wanted....but he changed his mind. To me, I don't think he has looked around enough. The other house is slightly bigger and more deluxe with a 3 car garage but is closer to a major road. It had a 2 story tall living room that looked cool but would that be worth $30K?

The house he has in Dexter was actually on House Hunters TV show (a favorite here too, Holly) about 6 years ago as the house that the family had to move out of.

Would he have guessed a year ago that he would be buying a house with another woman? Things change so fast.

It would have made it easier for me at least if he moved to where Shanna will be living plus it would be a shorter commute for him (though not for Julie). He would  have to slog through many miles of slow moving surface roads though to get to a highway. It will not be a problem for Ramy as his 9 mile commute goes through a sparsely populated area in the opposite direction. Josh has a colleague who lives near this potential home and says work is 25 minutes away by x-pressway. Josh should be able to get on the x-press way in 5 minutes.

We then went to a bar to watch the UM vs Wisconsin bball game...Steve and I left after Wisconsin made a half-court long basket at the last second to tie it (and ultimately win).

Last night for the Moms (I am the dessert lady) I made  cream puffs filled with maple custard and covered with a praline frosting. We had fish tacos and margaritas along with some tasty appetizers and salad. A fun night.
Tonight Shanna is taking a break from the boys (can't escape Tessa as she is still breast feeding) and spending the night with us. Dealing with them being sick at the same time has worn her out.I am looking forward to our evening with her.

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Holly said...

Wow, the house looks lovely!! Is it hard to welcome a new (DIL)??? having my daughter just married and falling in live with her wife as my new daughter..cannot imagine welcoming another...but...whatever makes our kids happy!! Hope you haave fun at Mom's Night. would LOVE a cream puff about now!!


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